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Riwo VNG

The Riwo VNG consists of the pneumatic-hydraulic RivSys VNG setting tool that is adapted to fit an electric linear motor with integrated stroke measurement.

Setting tool for blind rivet nuts/studs

The setting tool has an integrated angle compensation element to compensate angle tolerances in the part or during the part feeding.

The fastener is fed to the setting tool by means of a pneumatic gripper that is coupled to an electric linear motor.

The Riwo VNG can be supplied with or without our DMSD-2G process monitoring system.

The modular BNM/BNS screwing unit consisting of

Modular unit for setting blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs with integrated fastener transfer unit.

  1. RivSys VNG DMSD pneumatic/hydraulic setting unit
  2. Angle compensation element to compensate angular errors and any resulting transverse forces
  3. Electric linear motor with stroke measurement
  4. Pneumatic gripper to pick up the fastener
  5. Electric linear motor for feeding the fastener to the setting tool