Separation and conveyor technology

Feeding technology describes the process of feeding bulk materials into a installation process in the correct position. This technology has been standard in HONSEL Automation for years. Depending on the application and customer requirements, a fastener can be shot through via a hose or fed directly into the transfer unit of the processing device via a pick-and-place system without compressed air.

System properties

  • Vibratory conveyor with automatic locating device
  • Fast fault clearence for deformed fasteners or foreign parts
  • Special coating of the feeding bowl for long service life
  • Entire conveyor line monitored by sensors
  • Parts in contact with fastener made of hardened tool steel
  • Sensor technology for the detection of mixtures of different dimensions
  • Pick & Place systems
  • High output rates
  • Noise reduction through coating and enclosure
  • Multiple separations for screwdriving and setting systems
  • Autarkic operation