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RivSys VNG

The RivSys VNG DMSD-2G is a pneumatic-hydraulic setting tool with an external pressure transducer. It is designed for automated, stationary and monitored processing of blind rivet nuts and studs, and is available in a variety of versions.

RivSys VNG Series

The tool is designed for installation in a complete production line. The workpiece can be positioned at the setting tool by means of, for example, a robot or transfer system. It is also possible to adapt the setting tool for installation on a robot and to position the tool relative to the workpiece.

The setting process for a blind rivet nut or blind rivet stud is monitored using our DMSD-2G process monitoring system. It records the force curve relative to the travelled stroke of the riveter during the setting process. The riveting process is evaluated on completion of the force stroke. The evaluated data can be stored for each setting process and transmitted to a superordinate control system.

Technical data

  • Tensile force at 7.0 bar: ≈ 25,000 N
  • Stroke: 7 mm
  • Speed
    • Threading speed 1000-1800 rpm
    • Unthreading speed approx. 2500 rpm
  • Riveting time per unit
    • Up to setting ≤ 1 sec
    • Forward and back stroke ≤ 2 sec